1. 🎷


  2. Anonymous said: I know that's you writing to yourself as anon lmao

    No, it really isn’t


  3. Anonymous said: fuck slumfunk, that guy is a cunt. all he's doing is reposting photos of dudes smoking weed. the stuff your putting out there is sick.

    Thanks, Appreciate it dude.

    My job as an artist is to cause the viewer to feel some reaction, wether good or bad, love or hate, pleasure or discomfort etc etc Should the recipient not have a reaction to my work then I have failed as my job as an artist. So slumfunks rather angry reaction meant I did my job either way

    If that makes sense?!?!


  4. slumfunk said: You got the game fucked up "mate" You are drawing shit dead on neckface! I know the man personally so I give a fuck. I'm not just some random fan off the internet. Shame on you fuck boy shame on you!!

    You have no idea about the “game” you are an idiot


  5. Anonymous said: It seems like all Neck Face paints tho is about drinking and saying nigga. Honestly I prefer your stuff.

    Thank you.


  6. slumfunk said: Be original you fuck boy. Nasty neck lives!!!

    Mate, seriously, your boring. Neckface does live, agreed, but I’m guessing that like myself he couldn’t give a fuck about you either. Everyone who draws a demon apparently is biting neckface, everyone is biting everyone, welcome to the world of art buddy, nobody’s truly original anymore, So whine at someone else.


  8. slumfunk said: You are a biter and I hope you burn in hell along with the rest of them

    Thanks for your opinion pal, now fuck off

  9. Stay rad will eat you

  10. Filming in progress